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April 09 2017

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Don’t sit and wait. Get out there, feel life. Touch the sun, and immerse in the sea.
— Rumi (via hplyrikz)
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500 Days of Summer (2009) dir. Marc Webb

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Blimey this photo just keeps on going!

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I hate the internet. I hate how this poem doesn’t need to be finished but it has 13.9k retweets and 21.1k likes. Everyone knows how this poem ends and I hate it

This is that next level poetry! *snaps fingers*

February 20 2017








cause of death: too shy to call ambulance

Didn’t want to inconvenience anyone

Someone else might have needed it more

This happens. :(

Bear in mind that ambulance companies aren’t diverting EMTs away from a heart attack or traumatic amputation to answer your call.  They’re much more likely to be diverting EMTs from:

  • Sitting in an ambulance station or a random parking lot playing Words With Friends and/or developing elaborate company-wide romantic intrigues
  • Sitting in a hospital EMS room doing giant stacks of paperwork no one will ever read while trying to make dinner entirely out of saltines and condiments
  • Routine transports of people who have to travel by stretcher, who maybe are not happy to be late, but are hardly going to die from it
  • Transports which are technically emergencies, but are stuff like vomiting or a sprained ankle where the urgency factor is more like “yeah, you should get that seen” than like “STAT CODE RED CODE BLUE CODE POLKA DOT STAT STAT STAT.”

So if you think you might need an ambulance, call one.  You are not going to single-handedly take down the EMS system by daring to use it.

I’m reblogging it but I would be that person wondering “Do I need this enough” until I died.

I have legitimately done this. Please, take care of yourselves.

Furthermore, guys, we have dispatch. Dispatch makes sure that we’re all where we need to be, so you’re not taking an ambulance away from someone who “needs it more.” 

Let dispatch worry if an ambulance needs to be somewhere else. You just worry about taking care of yourself.



things about the harry potter movies that bother the fans

  • movie hermione having all of ron’s good traits
  • movie ginny showing less emotion than a brick
  • harry casting the lumos spell in privet drive
  • peeves not being in any of the movies
  • hermione’s dress in goblet of fire being pink and not blue like in the book
  • ‘’calmly’‘

i love how everyone just knows what “calmly” means



“Here’s all the reasons why undocumented immigrants financially hurt our country and should be kicked out.”

“Here’s all the reasons why undocumented immigrants financially help our country and should not be kicked out.”

Okay but have you ever thought that someone’s humanity should not be based on how much they do or don’t help you financially and that immigrants are more than their economic contribution. 

tbh i dont think every liberal who makes a shitty argument like this genuinely believes that a persons worth should rest on their financial contribution, and if you were to discuss this with them outside of the context of “debunking” conservatives arguing the former, theyd be happy to talk about what actually *matters*, ie the human rights being violated 

but part of the problem with liberalism is that it asks people to allow reactionaries to define the terms of debate, and play only within those boundaries, for fear of being ~disqualified~ from the game altogether. liberalism asks people to abide by a “beat them at their own game” strategy, even when liberals as individuals may know and understand that the rules the opposition has set are stacked for them to always lose 

i really think on some level most/many liberals know theyre full of shit when they make these arguments, but they keep ceding more and more ground trying to keep a foothold because theyre so afraid of losing it 

liberalism in practice cares only about maintaining a “seat at the table”- of influence over which values stay dominant, of decision-making, of power itself- than it does about whats right. but constant propagandizing about liberalism’s moral superiority is really effective at instilling a sense of urgency in people that isnt always to their best interest (see: “do you want trump to win??” pro-hillary hysteria during the election) 

liberals say shit like this bc they’re more terrified of liberalism losing its grip on institutional power than compromising the values that are/were supposed to protect us from, for example, full-blown fucking fascism 

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i feel like everyone should know this



wildcats are red
corbins are bleu
this could be the start
of something new

this is beautiful

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The new season of HTGAWM looks really good.

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